| Healthy on vacation or on the road!
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Healthy on vacation or on the road!

Being healthy on the road is one of the biggest challenges in the journey to eating well. You can start with the best intentions but let’s face it, if you are unprepared, you will face dilemmas and you have to be made strong to surpass them. Here are 5 tips that will help you maintain your maximum energy while travelling, be it locally or internationally.

1. Decide in advance what you will not compromise with.

When I travel, I prefer taking care of my own breakfast. I don’t join a group or the family for breakfast (unless they want to eat my foods or unless it’s a specific gathering or meeting) as I find that hotel or restaurant food is most always too heavy or too sugary for me which does not start my day off well. I always bring my own almond butter or instant unflavored oatmeal or I find a food store as soon as I get to my destination to purchase my healthy breakfast foods and some fresh fruit. By never compromising on breakfast, I don’t go through the dilemma because my mind is set and I find that if I end up eating something I wouldn’t usually eat at lunch or dinner, I can be more adaptable since I had my healthy start.

2. Don’t succumb to peer pressure.

When travelling in a group, if you are trying to be healthy, there will always be some people who will judge you. I have gone through this so many times. People will pass remarks or will simply not agree with your choices. They might be envious of your healthy habits or these habits might make them feel bad about their own choices. I don’t judge or look at what others are eating and I hope that they will do the same for me. And you never know, sometimes people slowly start imitating your healthy choices which is lovely because spreading health is what it’s all about!!

3. Do a little research in advance and do some planning (while being adaptable).

If you’re staying in a hotel and you are eating out every day, do a little research online in advance, to find restaurants that have healthy options. My favorite travel eats are fresh fish with fresh veggies, salads of all sorts, grain bowls… Often, when you decide in advance what you are going to eat (hello websites with menus), you are more likely to stick to your plan.

4. Drink lots of water!!

This is very important! You will have way more energy if you are well hydrated. Sometimes with flying or time changes, we become very dehydrated and this can be the cause of headaches, low energy or even stomach aches. Stay away as much as possible from juices and of course soft drinks and mixed alcoholic beverages as these are full of sugar. Water is your best bet. If you do partake in some caffeine or alcohol, make sure to drink even more water to stay hydrated.

5. Be active!!

This one has less to do with food but it will help to stay energized, especially if you are eating more than you are used to or if you are eating foods that you don’t normally eat as a part of your healthy routine. Walk, stretch, hike, run, do a class… and most of all, have fun!!

Travelling is something I like to do often. I don’t stick to the “one” vacation per year. Instead, I find that I’m always finding a reason to be off on another trip or a getaway of some sort. Being healthy becomes even more important as this is a way of life.