| 2016 December
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December 2016

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  Wild salmon is highly superior to farmed salmon when it comes to health and even taste. When we talk about salmon having all these omega-3 fats which are beneficial fats, we are talking about wild salmon. Unfortunately, this type of salmon is not necessarily available...

  This is a fun and healthy vegan, gluten free, appetizer. It’s also delicious and beautiful and if you use only green and red veggie sticks, it also makes for a good holiday theme.  Ingredients (for approximately 16 little shooter glasses) For the black bean hummus: 1 can...

  This banana bread is definitely a treat that can be made for a brunch especially if some guests are allergic to gluten or follow a paleo lifestyle.  When surfing the net for a grain free banana bread recipe, there are many recipes with many variations...

These cookies have a special holiday touch because of the hazelnuts which are sometimes a little harder to find. Make sure you toast them in the oven (350 F) for about 10 minutes and then with a clean dish towel, rub them to remove the...