| 2017 January
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January 2017

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Overnight oats are delicious and the number of possible variations is unlimited. Once you grasp the concept of this simple nutritious meal, the sky is the limit and you can experiment with all sorts of ingredients to make it funky and to change it up....

This is a recipe that I tried out of the Wellness Mama cookbook written by Katie Wells. My family absolutely loved the flavors and texture of these chicken skewers. I make sure to purchase organic chicken and although it is more pricey, it is so...

Almond butter is one of my favorite staple foods. It's yummy and has an interesting nutritional content which makes it a wonderful snack or condiment. Unfortunately, in the last year or so, almond butter has become incredibly expensive. I am sometimes shocked by the price...

  Another version of energy balls or raw cookies. It's good to change them up once in a while so that you can keep a rotation going in your fridge. These are so quick and easy to make, there is no excuse to not always have...