| 2017 September
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September 2017

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Chia pudding is so delicious. I love to make it any which way. I usually have it with maca and no sweeteners in the morning. But as I was trying to develop a more decadent recipe, I tried with chocolate version with a little honey...

Yummy Energy bites that remind me of my Hawaii trip. Macadamia nuts, mango and coconut are very popular foods in Hawaii and in these delicious bites, the ingredients are combined to give you a taste of the tropics! These are easy to make and they...

Macadamia nuts are so special. When I was in Hawaii, they were the most popular nut there but I find here, we enjoy them in deserts and with chocolate. Since I love making and eating nut butters, I thought, why not make a macadamia nut...

I love making hummus at home because I can make it without oil. Chickpeas and tahini blended together give a very creamy texture. In this recipe, beets are added for a rich color and a sweeter tasting hummus. Easy to make, healthy and very versatile....