| 2018 July
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July 2018

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Hummus is such a versatile spread and I love using it to enhance any meal. Throw in some avocado and cilantro and to me it becomes a decadent treat. I love making homemade hummus because I can choose to add no oil since tahini and...

I love using roasted vegetables to make a salad. Sometimes, it will be a fresh raw salad with greens in which I add a few roasted veggies for garnish but in this case, the roasted cauliflower completey steals the spotlight! This recipe is delicious warm...

Cauliflower is very popular these days. From cauliflower rice to cauliflower pizza, it serves as this magical ingredient that helps transform heavier recipes into lighter ones. And adding vegetables is always a good way to add nutrients. Adding it to smoothies is a surprising way...