| 2020 August
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August 2020

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I’ve been in denial for a while but fall is coming. This week alone, we have been waking up to chilly mornings, I’ve had to swap my shorts for leggings, and I’ve had to find my jean jacket which I had forgotten in the back...

When I go to gatherings, I often bring a salad. Sometimes, I suggest it myself and very often, I am asked to bring one because my friends and family know that I love making AND eating salads. This particular salad is sort of a classic...

I am noticing that bloggers are coming out with their fall recipes. I am not ready!!! I don't want the summer to end!! I'm loving the sunshine and the refreshing food, I'm certainly not ready for soups and stews. Ok, I will get there soon...

I grew up eating a lot of Pakistani food which contains a lot of turmeric. It’s only when I was in my twenties that I learned how healthy and powerful that spice can actually be. Because I love fusion foods, I love incorporating this spice...

It's peach season and I'm loving it!! From eating fresh peaches to adding them to salads and even topping my pizza with delicious peach slices, I love how they enhance both savoury and sweet dishes. Since this pandemic has been all about banana breads (although...