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My Experience with Instagram

I love Instagram and I especially love looking at food photos! In the last 3 years, I’ve followed hundreds of amazing accounts showcasing fresh vegetables and fruits, healthy meals, fun healthy desserts and snacks, and delicious bowls and salads. [] Article by Sarah Khatri


Gluten free diets have become trendy in the last few years and many experts think this is a bad thing. People with celiac disease need to keep away from gluten for health reasons, in fact, they can be very sick if they consume the least bit of gluten. However, many people who are not celiac decide to cut out gluten for digestive reasons or for other health reasons.  [] Article by Sarah Khatri

Be healthy always, cheers to the holidays!

I know I know, there are articles about “how to survive the holidays” all over! It has begun! We are barely in December and titles of this kind abound already. I do not pretend to have THE ultimate answer but I certainly have little tips, which I am sure can make a difference, because I use them myself.  [] Article by Sarah Khatri

Eat Whole Foods for more Energy

People come to see me mostly because they want and need to gain energy or because they want to lose weight. Often they have both objectives. The first thing I teach them is to eat less processed foods and to concentrate on whole foods. [] Article by Sarah Khatri

Do you need to add protein powder?

Often, when I meet with customers for the first time, they are anxious to know about which are the best protein powders to include in their diets. I am always surprised at how many people take supplements, without really knowing why and without really knowing what they consist of. [] Article by Sarah Khatri

Organic baskets for fresh and healthy produce

If you have not already done so, it is a great time to subscribe to organic baskets for the spring/summer/fall season. I have been doing this for the last 4 years and I truly believe that it’s the best way to get fresh, local vegetables and fruit at the best prices. It also encourages our local economy and it encourages sustainable agriculture. [] Article by Sarah Khatri

Healthy on vacation or on the road!

Being healthy on the road is one of the biggest challenges in the journey to eating well. You can start with the best intentions but let’s face it, if you are unprepared, you will face dilemmas and you have to be made strong to surpass them. Here are 5 tips that will help you maintain your maximum energy while travelling, be it locally or internationally. [] Article by Sarah Khatri

Une histoire de course

Nous habitons face à un grand parc où durant l’été, l’association de soccer de la ville tient toutes les parties de soccer pour les très jeunes. L’été, le sport chez nous, c’est le soccer! Mais voilà que notre fils Tristan, qui a désormais sept ans n’a pas désiré continuer ce sport pour cette saison estivale [] Article par Sarah Khatri

Is Sitting Really The New Smoking?

Did you know that most of us spend more time each day sitting than sleeping? Discover why sitting may just be the ‘smoking’ of our generation and what we can do to fix it in this article by James Colquhoun

7 Habits Harming Your Gut Health

Here are 7 habits that might be affecting the health of your microbiome and harmful to your gut. Article by James Colquhoun

How Much Sugar Is Hiding In Your Favorite Cereals?

Sugar. It is finally being recognized worldwide as one of the great contributors of disease. So we decided to investigate 3 common breakfast cereals and the sugars they contain. Article by James Colquhoun

How Healthy Fats Can Boost Weight Loss & Well-Being

There are many benefits that come along with eating a diet that includes the right fats. Think glowing skin and shinier, stronger hair for starters. Plus, healthy fats help keep your weight where you want it and support brain health. Article by  Kris Carr

5 conseils pour avoir un intestin en santé

L’appareil digestif, méconnu de plusieurs et sollicité par l’alimentation plus de trois fois par jour, capte actuellement l’attention de plusieurs chercheurs mondiaux. Il est maintenant prouvé qu’il joue un rôle important dans l’émergence de maladies et de la santé globale via l’immunité.  Article par  Émilia Sirois

5 conseils pour réduire sa facture alimentaire

Les budgets limités ont la malheureuse tendance à favoriser des choix alimentaires malsains. Voici quelques conseils accessibles pour réduire sa facture alimentaire tout en conservant de saines habitudes. Article par  Isis Gagnon-Grenier